September 16th, 2017
Annual Farwell to Sickle Cell 5k/10k Run/Walk
 Riverwalk Park

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Hina Patel Foundation

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9th Annual Run / Walk
day, September 16th, 2017
Riverwalk Park - Bakersfield, CA, 6:30am - 11:00am.

2016 Race Results

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Our family has experienced firsthand the difficulties and struggles that are associated by raising a child with Sickle Cell Anemia. Hina Patel Foundation is in memory of our courageous daughter who battled Sickle Cell Anemia for 17 years followed by the complications from a bone marrow transplant for two additional years. In spite of her struggles, her perseverance for an education, a positive attitude, and a jovial personality prevailed. Her everlasting smile, determination and her journey will continue to be an inspiration for all. She will continue to live in our hearts and forever be missed.

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Sickle Cell Disease – It is a global challenge

In the United States people are often surprised when they learn that a person who is not of African American decent has sickle cell disease. The disease originated in Africa and exists in all countries of Africa as well as areas where these natives have migrated, mainly in Mediterranean, Southern Europe, Middle East, and India. It has continued to spread all over the world and across nationalities.

There are approximately 250 million people worldwide who carry the gene responsible for sickle cell disease and other hemoglobin diseases. Over 300,000 babies with hemoglobin disease are born each year.

In USA: approximately 100,000 Americans have Sickle Cell Disease.

In India: approximately 2 million Indians have Sickle Cell Disease.

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Download Sickle Cell Project India PowerPoint in PDF format - click here.

Download the Sickle Cell Camp Results PDF for January 2012 - click here.